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Very nice set, I especially like the second image from the top, where almost everyone in the crowd is also taking photos. I think that underlines the importance, as everyone seems to want to keep a memory.


merchandising is big business.


I like the photo of the mobile phone photo, something that appeals to my inner photographer and geek!


i remember the fluvial parades of my youth seeing these images, sidney. thanks for bringing back those memories from my youth.


is it really made from ivory?


I remember something like this when I visited my Aunt. There's a procession with a statue.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

The image looks very radiant on the altar.

I like the photo of the colored candles. Lighting candles in church is a tradition I like doing.


I like a lot the last picture !


These are gorgeous photos and that church is so beautiful. So glad you are back with your great photos and commentary. I have some catching up to do and this is definitely on my list.


Lovely series. The 5th shot from the top is my fav :)


Beautiful interior. Loving the shots Sidney!



Il a raison Gérard. Mais il y a des fanatiques également en politique. Donc le sujet importe peu ;-)

dong ho

i particularly like the shot of the man taking a photo of the image thru his cellphone.

Ashish Sidapara

Love the interior shots, beautiful images!


Love the church shots! And the istampitas. Did you attend service?

Gérard Méry

Quel fanatisme


Thanks for the amazing entry as usual. I love the interior of Virgin of La Naval.


la ferveur des croyants! tout un symbol dans ces photos

fortuitous faery

i see your current photo theme has shifted from gang tattoos to religion.

it's ironic that i've never visited this church...i always passed this by when commuting to UST for years.


...and I thought the Virgin of La Naval is the most photographed patron saint in the Philippines... :)


Funny, all those people wanting to take photos of the Virgin. As if she were a rock star.
Those pins/badges are stupid, religion shouldn't be commercial.

luna miranda

at first glance, i thought they were all raising their hands in prayer...they're taking pictures pala!:D


I love the look on the little girls face in the last photograph. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Sidney, I really like spending time here. I led a very sheltered life when I was in the Philippines. This made me get to know my childhood country as I've never known it. Thank you!

David B Katague

Hi Sydney, welcome back to the world of blogging. Have a good day!David

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